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Time to End Prison Gerrymandering
“Prison gerrymandering” is the practice of counting incarcerated individuals as members of the communities where their correctional facilities are located. This practice skews political power in favor of districts where prisons are located, while the political power of the districts where inmates lived prior to incarceration is diminished.
Urge Congress to Support the Automatic Voter Registration Act!
The League  is proud to support legislation that enhances  access for eligible voters in our elections and works to modernize our electoral system. This bill will improve the  accuracy of voter records, cut down on costs, modernize outdated registration systems while supporting implementation in states across the country.
Demand Redistricting Reform in New Jersey
It is time to put power where it belongs – into the hands of the people. When politicians carry too much influence over drawing legislative and congressional district lines, it undermines the integrity of our elections. There is a solution and New Jersey's legislators have the power to enact meaningful reform.