Nonpartisan Voter Engagement Toolkit

The League of Women Voters of New Jersey is proud to provide this nonpartisan toolkit for organizations, businesses, and individuals that wish to take action to ensure everyone votes and every vote counts this election. This toolkit provides resources to help spread factual, accurate information and combat misinformation and disinformation.

Table of Contents

Voter Education Resources


Use to see what will be on your ballot, learn more about candidates' positions, find your polling place, and more! Be sure to use Vote411 as a tool as you help educate and register voters.

Voter Education Email Blasts

Social Media Graphics

Don't underestimate social media as an excellent tool to help spread these important messages.
Please feel free to tailor these messages to fit your community!

Printable Handouts

Print physical copies of these materials to hand out at in-person events and/or link them out on your website.
Voter Protection Hotline
Have you been turned away from the polls? Did you request a mail-in ballot and never received it? Are you experiencing delays at the polls?

If you are having any trouble casting your ballot call the League of Women Voters of New Jersey's voter protection hotline for assistance. Our staff and volunteers will be available to answer your questions and ensure you have the information you need to cast your vote. Call 1-800-792-VOTE(8683) for help.

Other Hotlines to Call:

Volunteer Engagement Opportunities

Reach Your Network on OutreachCircle

The League of Women Voters field support has gone digital! LWVNJ launched a digital platform called OutreachCircle, where people can easily stay connected to League activity and conduct civic education outreach efforts to different communities all from one platform! As we all know, there is so much work to get done, from educating first-time voters to reminding our community members to create their voting plan to working with election officials to instill confidence in our election process. Still, we can’t do this work alone. We need the full force of our all our partners in New Jersey to get this critical work done.

Click here for instructions on how to start using OutreachCircle.

PLEASE NOTE: While there are c3 nonpartisan activities on OutreachCircle, LWVNJ also uses this platform for some of our c4 advocacy actions. Not all OutreachCircle opportunities are appropriate for other organizations. Please evaluate before sharing.

Encourage People to Vote Early!

National Vote Early Day is October 23rd! Use this sign up form to get your League registered!

While Vote Early Day is October 23rd, we want to ensure that October is full of many different activities and messages to capitalize on the momentum around early voting nationwide to get out the vote. Below are some ideas to build up momentum to get out the vote throughout the early voting season.

Use a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lens when creating your public education and engagement strategy.

Review this Voter Suppression Toolkit: The Fight for the Right to Vote to contextualize your efforts in an understanding of historic voter suppression and systemic oppression. You can also view this recorded training our friends at the Leadership Conference hosted with us earlier this year!

Use these guiding questions when thinking through target outreach, building partnerships, and participating in coalitions when developing your public education plans:

Strengthen your efforts by partnering with local organizations and community leaders to support the messaging and efforts of others to reach the most people.

Join the League of Women Voters of New Jersey

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