The League of Women Voters of New Jersey Centennial Campaign is our 100th year fundraiser focused on building organizational power for the next generation of women leaders and voting rights activists.  None of us can predict the threats our democracy will face 100 years from now, but the best defense to any attempt at voter suppression is an informed and engaged electorate.

The Centennial Leadership Circle is a community of passionate supporters who are committed to defending democracy, empowering voters, and ensuring the League of Women Voters remains a strong, nonpartisan voice in New Jersey for the next 100 years. Centennial Leadership Circle gifts can be one time donations, pledged and fulfilled over multiple years, or legacy gifts given as bequests. Can we inspire you to make a significant investment with the League of Women Voters? Our Centennial Leadership Giving Levels are:

• Centennial Civic Leader: $1,000
• Equal Rights Activist: $2,500
• 19th Amendment Ambassador: $5,000
• Voting Rights Hero: $10,000
• Fair Elections Champion: $15,000
• Democracy Defender: $25,000
• Garden State Trailblazer: $50,000
• Second Century Suffragist: $100,000

Please consider making your Centennial Leadership gift (particularly gifts over $2,500) via check to ensure 100% of the funds go towards the League. Your check can be payable to either the League of Women Voters of New Jersey Education Fund (LWVNJ-EF) and be tax-deductible or the League of Women Voters of New Jersey (LWVNJ) and be non tax-deductible and mailed to 204 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08608. If you wish to have a conversation ahead of making a Leadership Gift, please email Fatima Munshi at

100th Anniversary Gala

Thank you for attending the League of Women Voters of New Jersey’s 100th Anniversary Gala. We hope you enjoyed the program. Thank you to our host, First Lady Tammy Murphy, and our distinguished guests for participating in this celebration and for their service to our state. We welcome you to view the Gala at any time by accessing the below link.


Thank you to our committed donors who believe in the League’s power to advocate for a more inclusive and equitable political system. It is our honor to acknowledge their generosity on our page.

Democracy Defender
• Nancy Hedinger

Fair Elections Champion
• Kathy and Ken Abbott

19th Amendment Ambassador
• Timothy Priano and Timothy O'Connor
• Deborah MacMilllan
• Ellen Kemp
• Susan and Peter Lederman
• Louise Murray and Thomas Hoffman

Equal Rights Activist
• Ingrid and Marvin Reed
• Jason DeAlessi
• Jess and Derek Backofen
• Jennifer M. Howard, MD and Willard A. Stanback, Esq.
• Ann and Jay Armstrong
• Grace Sinden
• Susan Sferas

Centennial Civic Leader
• Dawn and Gregory Clarke
• Deborah McComber and Rick Bye
• Earlene Baumunk-Cancilla
• Ellie and Marty Gruber
• Kristy Tran Burns and Michael Burns
• Lenore Danielson
• Linda Stamato
• Natalya G. Johnson, Esq.
• Ruth Zowader
• Schumacher Family
• Dan Fatton, Ideal Image Consulting
• Jean Aires
• Terry Thompson
• Jesse Burns
• Ruthi Byrne
• Kate Liebhold
• Barbara Trought

Thank you to PSEG for their generous sponsorship and partnership.

Thank you to our additional sponsors:

• Hedinger & Lawless, L.L.C.
• McManimon, Scotland & Baumann, LLC
• Deborah E. Nelson, Esq.
• Saiber, LLC
• NJM Insurance Group