New Jersey: Take Action for Fair Districts -
"No" to Partisan Gerrymandering!

An undemocratic proposal that would change the way our legislative district lines are drawn and take power away from the people is being fast-tracked through the Legislature. This is nothing more than a partisan gerrymandering bill. It does not belong on our ballot, and it does not belong in our State Constitution!

UPDATE: Advocates gather in opposition to SCR152/ACR205 on the steps of the State House Annex to say: NJ deserves a fair redistricting process and fair maps! Watch our Fair Districts press conference here.

Learn more about the
partisan gerrymandering proposal:

Review Princeton Gerrymandering Project's analysis of SCR152/ACR205 that outlines how both parties
can use this proposal's language to manipulate our district boundary lines.

Review our Redistricting Talking Points and a sample script for calling your legislators.

Review slides from the League of Women Voters of New Jersey's
emergency redistricting webinar/call, Thursday, November 29th:
Read full text of SCR152/ACR205.
The legislative sponsors in the Senate and Assembly (with District #'s) are:
Senator Sweeney (3), Senator Scutari (22), Assemblyman Greenwald (6), Assemblywoman Murphy (7) & Assemblyman Holley (20)

Statements in Opposition:

Joint Statement by Leading Advocates & Civil Rights Groups:
“SCR43, however, [...] elevates partisanship over people, and prioritizes ‘competition’ over protecting the ability of communities of color to elect their candidates of choice. We cannot support this proposal." -Ryan P. Haygood, President and CEO, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice

“By focusing on partisanship and treating communities of interest, and communities of color in particular, as an afterthought, the proposed constitutional amendment is an unacceptable step backwards for New Jersey.” -Richard Smith, President, New Jersey Chapter of the NAACP

“It is imperative that any redistricting proposal prioritizes and honors the hard fought sacred vote of people of color. Our vote cannot be diluted in anyway, especially among partisan lines.” -Rev. Charles Boyer,
Director of Salvation and Social Justice
League of Women Voters of New Jersey:
"Legislative districts should be re-drawn [...] to reflect New Jersey’s demographic shifts, not to reflect past voter preferences or speculate on future electoral outcomes. Requiring redistricting commissioners to consider partisan data, past election results and complicated calculations when drawing new maps is nothing more than an attempt by one party to more effectively distribute its votes across the state in order to solidify its power."
Brennan Center for Justice at NYU:
"Indeed, the proposed changes would leave NJ more, not less, vulnerable to abuse and gamesmanship than before. It would set up a process primarily driven by political data. It would create explicitly Democratic and Republican districts. And the competitive district quota is not, on its own, sufficient to guard against partisan overreach. Indeed, some of the worst plans of this decade in gerrymandered states like North Carolina rely by design on one party winning a large number of nominally-close contests."
South Jersey Women for Progressive Change:
"SCR43 does not move us towards where we need to be, encouraging voter registration and turnout, increasing civic engagement, or provide pathways for our state representatives to truly represent the demographics of the people that live in the state, in our communities. The language in this proposal is unclear and is the antithesis of what is needed to engage our citizens and our youth."
Princeton Gerrymandering Project*
"Our project’s mission is to combine legal analysis and data science to identify reforms that make redistricting more fair. [...] Our concern today focuses on competitiveness. In the abstract, competition is a desirable feature of democracy. However, defining competitiveness poorly or overemphasizing it can inadvertently cause unfairness to parties and communities."

*Princeton Gerrymandering Project neither supported nor opposed SCR43, but presented testimony to outline concerns with the proposal.
Ronald K. Chen, University Professor, Distinguished Professor of Law, and the Judge Leonard I. Garth Scholar at Rutgers Law School
" [...] Requiring that districts be drawn on order to favor one political party, or even both major political parties, is contrary to sound redistricting practice, and enables partisan gerrymandering.  According to the non-partisan National Conference of State Legislatures, many states, including California and New York, now prohibit favoring or disfavoring an incumbent, candidate or political party, and some expressly prohibit the use of past election results as an unfair advantage to incumbents. [...] It does not seem that there is a problem that needs fixing from a fairness perspective, but great damage could be done to other equally important principles as a result."

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