The League of Women Voters of New Jersey is nothing without our members. For the past 100 years, generation after generation, League members have been determined to turn to their neighbors, hand them a voter registration form, and offer them a ride to the polls. Year after year, our members have tirelessly answered the call to defend democracy and we know we can count on the next generation of League volunteers, equipped with the tools and resources necessary, to follow in those footsteps. Thank you for your service to our organization and to our country.
LWVUS COVID Guidance for State & Local Leagues: As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to affect more and more communities across the country, LWVUS offers guideline and resources for League work on the League Management site.
"I joined the League because citizenship is a verb. We must actively participate for democracy to thrive."
- Linda Romanowski, League of Women Voters of East Windsor-Hightstown
"As an elected official in my town’s local government, I realized that many of my colleagues let their desire for service to the people be overridden by their desire to stay in power. I joined the League of Women Voters after my elected role was over because the League has a purity about it. It cares about the healthy functioning of our democracy. I especially like its intellectual approach to public policy and its impeccable sense of fairness in government."
- Kathy Abbott, League of Women Voters of New Jersey Board of Directors
"My reason for joining the League almost 40 years ago was to become involved in what I knew to be a good-government group. I had some experience in the partisan political realm and became disillusioned quickly. The League of Women Voters is an excellent training ground for civic involvement without partisan commitment. Our presence on State Street in Trenton lets legislators know that we are there representing the citizens of this state and that we are paying attention."
- Susan Sferas, League of Women Voters of New Jersey Board of Directors

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